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Friends of Wycliffe Hall Oxford was founded in 2008 to strengthen ties between Wycliffe Hall and its American friends. We are also committed to providing financial support to the college to develop international Christian leaders.

about wycliffe hall

Wycliffe Hall is the evangelical, orthodox Anglican theological college within the University of Oxford. Wycliffe equips students for ministry through an excellent academic program, practical ministry experience and living as part of a vibrant Christian community.

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A Talk by Michael Lloyd

Developing a Christian Worldview: Thinking Biblically about Where We are Headed and What We Should Do

Where you think we’re headed will shape what you think we’re for. And what you think we’re for will shape how you live in the meantime. The Rev. Dr. Michael Lloyd, Principal of Wycliffe Hall, delivered this talk in January 2022 at St. John the Divine, Houston.

Summer School in Oxford

June16-21, 2024

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